Female juniors to C-04 youth

The first games are played on Friday morning, november 2:th, and the tournament ends with the finals on Sunday, November 1:st, in Arena Skövde.

Teams are mixed in groups with four or five teams in each group. In the play-offs, elimination rounds are used, and if there is a tie at the end of a game in the play-offs "golden goal" is used.

After group matches are finished on Saturday, finishing round (A and B) takes off on Saturday afternoon and continues on Sunday with a big final arrangement in our main arena.

Female junior 96 and A-youth 99/00 playing games 2 x 20 minutes. The class B-01 plays group play 2 x 12 minutes and finals 2 x 15 minutes. B-02 - C-04 plays all matches 2 x 12 minutes.

All players must be able to identify themselves at any time. Teams who play with players that are to old are disqualified.

All other rules are according to the Swedish Handball assosiations rules of competition.


D-05 plays without playoffs. All teams are guaranteed at least five matches during Skadevi Handbollscup. A lovely introduction to cuplivet and meet exciting new teams. Matches will start on Friday afternoon.

In the classes D-05 players can duplicate in the games category if the club need to use the possibility to register more teams instead of having "too big benches". Two players per game can duplicate but these should be rotated at least every other match.

D06-youth (mini handball)

The mini handball tournament is played in Arens Skövde's all tre handball halls during Saturday 7/11. All teams are guaranteed at least four games.

Deviation from SHF rules
- In classes A – D-05 you can use a free amount of players.

- In classes A – D-05 you can not take a time-out. Players will be disqualified after two red cards.

- Players can only represent his/her club in one team in each class, and a maximum of two classes in the cup. In D-05, a maximum of two players per match duplicate.

- In case of a tie in the play-offs for classes Jun-C04, the game is determined by "golden goal" for maximum 10 minutes. Ater those 10 minutes there will be penalty shots according SHFs regulations.

- In case of a tie in the championship games (1 and 2 place in A and B play-offs) in classes A- C04 there is 1x5 minute extra time, and then "sudden death" for maximum 10 minutes. After that it is penalty shots according SHFs regulations.

- Classes C-04 and D-05 has a lowered bar.